LFM - Gold 4 - TheOurobouros - 10

Language: English
Time Zone: U.S. and European based (all welcome)
Team Age: 1 week
Age Range: 18+

TheOurobouros is seeking new members to join our family. We are a newly formed team of experienced players committed to help each other in any way we can. No real level requirements at this time just a strong drive for success. Leave the drama at the door. Bring the fun inside. Participation in wars is required - events must at least contribute some points. Inactives will be removed, unless leadership previously notified.

Erupting from the ashes, we will rise from the dark night to set the world ablaze. We are the eternal wheel of time that can never be stopped. We are THE OUROBOUROS

Everyone is welcome. Any lower teams looking to advance are more than welcome to merge into the team and we have an officer spot set aside for their leader. Together we will soar above our enemies and take the sky by storm. Feel free to message any leaders or officers to join or for any talks of meeting up. Our goal is simple. Activity and to level up and climb higher. Auto accept is currently on for anyone above level 10. Thank you very much. Will be seeing you.


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