LFM - Gold - HappyTogether - +36 level

Language: Mainly English, some Spanish (Biz speaks Spanish so having more Spanish speaking members would make him very happy :hugs:)

Time Zone: Any (We have members in the Americas, Europe, Malaysia, New Zealand, etc.)

Played time: Any

Age Range: Any (“Adult” language & content has no place in our TC)

Elite Account?: Don’t care

Dragon Roster Includes: Don’t care but we do love our Dodos :heart_eyes:

Highest Lineage Dragon: Don’t care

We have 13 open slots. Wars are mandatory but events are optional but encouraged. Jep, our leader, is awesome and laidback. Our members are great, they share and support each other and our leadership. We have no back-biting or fingerpointing … we really do like each other. :grin:

Be forewarned, we’ve lost about six wars straight and are about to be demoted to gold 2. We don’t declare easy win wars / take advantage of other teams so we are on a downhill spiral. Our style is different from many teams, we just wanna have fun and try not to ruin others in the process.

NOTE: Jerks need not apply. Crazies need not apply. Drama seekers need not apply. Ego incarnates need not apply. What else annoys me? :thinking:. Yup, those who say “meow” after each sentence need not apply. The over-sexed need not apply. That might be it … how can it be though? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Please message Cruiser701 if you’re interested. I would’ve said “get with Cruiser701” but he informed me the term means something else in England. :rofl:

But. Meow.

Not you again. “No” means “No”. :roll_eyes:

Make that 19 open spots. :see_no_evil:

23 open slots as of today. We’ve lost 17 wars straight. Things are not looking good for us :flushed:. It could be that I’m not that good at recruiting. :face_with_monocle:

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