LFM - Gold I - 1stCircle - 80+

Language: English (Required)
Time Zone: Global Acceptable
Team age: 1+ yrs
Age Range: 17+
Highest Team Lineage Dragon: Emerald

About: We were Platinum and a feeder to a Sapphire team, but now we are charting our own course! Our core is highly active and we work as a team in events and coordinate very well. Everyone on the team is very helpful and we are looking for fun and energetic players that can join us and jump right in! We are at full strength but could use some higher level players to really beef up the team and maintain its’ competitiveness as we are 21 points away from going back to Platinum. If you are tired of the drama from your current team or just enjoy teaching/training lower level players…WE would love to have YOU! We are not looking for disruptors or team hoppers because we value loyalty and team synergy! Alts are welcome, assuming you manage it actively because dragon parking and missing WAR’s and weekly events is not acceptable!

Message me here, in game, via line (same tag) or apply directly at 1stCircle and we will coordinate you joining as to not have open slot sitting unoccupied.

Still looking for strong, active players looking for a good team to grow with!

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