LFM - Gold I - Ghosteam - 25+



Language: English
Time Zone: Don’t care
Played time: As long as you’re active
Age Range: Legal enough to play.
Elite Account?: Cannot expect more than the leader.
Dragon Roster Includes: Ember.
Highest Lineage Dragon: Good enough for your level.


Thanks to everyone that we’ve been granted an Atlas team. We’re rebuilding our team and planning to advance to Plat soon, where we’ve been before.

We are, and will be an Atlas relaxed team. That said, we only expect you to have active participation in events and wars.


Ya’ll are starting with a nice roster already. Good luck! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


Have just won 5 wars today (all didn’t last even for 10 minutes).
Will definitely jump to at least Gold 3 next event.

We’re not a bully…


Orca is bullying the low gold teams? :scream: say it isn’t so!!!:joy:


Don’t let them hire merc…


Having fun?


We’re trying our best to climb as high as possible before next league restructure.



Lol…glad it worked out Orca :beers:
If you ever need to borrow some alts to fill a roster spot or two, you know where to find me


Looking good! :clap::clap::clap:


Thanks @Sam

Also, we still have some places :sunglasses:


I only see one.


Some alts still hold the place :blush:


Forgot to update. We are full right now. Thanks :wink:


:joy: just realized that your team is in the same league as my team, what a small small world


Yay!!! I’m rooting for ya’ll! All da way to Plat and beyond! :crossed_fingers::clap::clap:

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We have a few spots open.
Still the same requirement. :wink:


Good luck, Orca! Build that bomb team :stuck_out_tongue:


Spots filled atm.

Also, will go to P4 if things go as planned.