LFM- Gold I/II- Ravenclawclan

Language: English
Time Zone: mostly US/UK
Played time: active
Age Range: adult
Elite Account?: wtver
Dragon Roster Includes: ember
Highest Lineage Dragon: your favorite one (but if your favorite isn’t dodo you are wrong)

We have cookies :eyes::cookie:


  • Good place to learn and grow
  • Really, people are growing like flowers here
  • Chatty
  • Generally place well in events
  • Members are nice, motivated, but also unlikely to freak out at you
  • BYK alliance member
  • Working towards sapphire to achieve timers, I mean Atlas
  • Probably no psychopaths or axe murderers


  • Lots of wars
  • No Atlas

Why are you even still thinking about it? Apply if you’re interested! We definitely have space for you (and some friends, too).

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I love that photo for your team


Unsurprisingly, we are still looking! Would totally be willing to take a group of players that want a new home. :eyes: Bonus points if you like snails (for eating or otherwise). Your new leader even bakes cookies! :cookie::cookie:

we were here all along. you were asleep. time to wake up. join us.

Q:why should I join ravenclawclan?
A: because you are alone and confused about things.

Q:is this a therapy group or a cult?
A: surprisingly, neither! it’s a team y’all!

Q:well, what if I want to be in a cult?
A: we’d probably still like you!

Q:but do y’all do wars? I hate wars.
A:yes we have many wars! it takes two minutes so hop on and do them!

Q:I don’t have any more questions?
A: yay so now go apply!

if all the people that have looked at this thread just gave up and joined, we could make four whole new teams!

if you are a bad*ss alpaca we’d love to have you


“being a recruiter is a lot like riding a bike…except the bike is on fire… you’re on fire… everything is on fire…and you’re in hell”

that doesn’t really make sense, but nothing does anymore! you should just give up and apply before it’s too late!

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