LFM - Gold I - NewVanguard - 20*

Language: English (primarily)
Time Zone: Varies, primarily UTC
Played time: Flying since March of 2018
Age Range: Any, so long as you conduct yourself maturely
Elite Account?: Not required
Atlas: Not yet : (
Number of Members: 45/50 (looking for five, can possibly take four more as well)
Activity Requirement: Active

*We will accept members under 20, if needed.

About: The NewVanguard has been a lot different from any other team, at least in my experience. I had a case of team hopping for a while and saw my fair share of good and bad teams. I ended up sitting in Silver II, leading a team (after the old leader went inactive) of ten strong, and only three active members. I really wasn’t having the best time, as you may imagine. Then I was messaged by Azarhi, the Team’s founder, and I ended up “merging” with them and haven’t looked back ever since.

We have a variety of people in the Vanguard, and we’re fairly social. We have a Discord server, an expansive wiki, written by yours truly, and we have a sort of family unit going. It sounds similar to every other team, I know, but bear with me. We are veterans and newbies, united under a common creed-- to fly stronger and higher. Step up to the Guard, and you won’t regret it.

TL;DR- come join our team, we’re a family, and I have memes

Edit: We expect to be in Plat IV by the end of next week.

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