LFM - Gold I - NewVanguard - 30

Welcome to the NewVanguard! We’re a close-knit team of roughly 30 members looking for either a merger or some general recruitment. We are on the smaller side but have a strong core and consistently come in 3-5th place in most events. If you like listening to bad jokes and laughing at MelKnight’s bad attempts at memes- or just want a place to rest from the terrors of Atlas, the NewVanguard will accept any and all with open arms.

Language: English
Time Zone: Varied (no required timezone)
Level Requirement: 30, but exceptions can and have been made
Age Range: Any- as long as you conduct yourself maturely, we don’t care
Elite Account?: Not required
Extended: Line not required, Discord not required, in-game chat not required, but encouraged (you introverts)

Leader: Azarhi

  • FlowerPower1o2
  • MelKnight
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  • Sierce
  • EnglishAsian