LFM-Gold I- RoyalGuardians- 80+

Hello everyone!

First of all I hope everyone enjoyed their feeding event… it was definitely a challenging one with all the food boosts available last season! So proud of our team as we took 2nd our first week in Gold I!!!

We have 4 positions that are being held by alts and would love to find some fun like minded individuals who love to have a great time chatting it up and hitting events hard like us! We play hard and work hard in our team to make this game fun and successful for our teammates!

We have built a strong loyal core team that practically covers our whole team with players that have been with us from the beginning and quite few loyal players since but we want to expand as we are now in Gold I.

Ideal Players can apply or message me…

-Level 80 and above
-Meets the 300 sigil team achievement consistently minimal (because our alts you would be replacing do!)
-Willing to do wars but please know we are not a frequently warring team
-Doesn’t create conflict or drama nor troll
-logs in at least 3 times a week
-Reads Emails from Team leadership
-know how to properly conduct war attacks
-willing to help others on team
-not afraid to ask for help or rss
-preps for events

Again the alts cover down on these requirements which means we are not desperate for any player so if you do not meet these then need not apply!

Thanks RPW

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Language: Should know some english
Time Zone: We prefer all zones for members
Played time: At least a few days a week
Age Range: 18+ because we have fun in team chat
Elite Account?: not required of players
About: We are just a bunch of goof balls who truly enjoy war dragons!

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