LFM - Gold I - TheWarriors50 (Now with toast!)

Language: Mostly English but many teammates are bilingual!
Time Zone: All time zones welcome!
Age Range: No high school drama allowed!
Elite Account?: Optional

About: Last time I posted here we had just moved up to Gold II and I can proudly post today that we made it to Gold I! The only way to do that and be successful without a bunch of 100+ level players is activity! Unfortunately this meant kicking out a small handful of inactive players but fortunately this makes room for you!

Is your team boring? No communication from your officers? Need training? Feeling let down by teams that keep having to reboot to be successful? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you might be a Warrior! Come give us a try! Feel free to send in game mail to Tirla or any of our friendly neighborhood Warrior officers if you have any questions! Hope to see you soon! :kissing_heart:

(P.S. Ok, so you’re wondering about the toast. Well there’s nothing we Warriors love more than food…maybe alcohol, food and alcohol. After all, Thor didn’t want to sit down with Dr. Strange over a cup of tea :wink: So come tell us about your favorite toast toppings! Also feel free to weigh in on the debate about toasters versus toaster ovens. Spoiler alert: There’s a very big difference!)

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