LFM-GOLD II - Aloners - accepting all levels - looking for active players

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Aloners is looking to fill its ranks and push to platinum soon as we have the right individuals in place. We have been in the process of removing individuals from the team who don’t want to participate in wars or events and replacing them with active players.

The same rules you see from all the well established teams will apply here also; keep an active status, wars, and events are mandatory. For wars we ask for five flames, and for events we ask you just to try your best.

We understand life happens and the team has no issues with individuals missing events or wars here or there; but because the game is built around team work we do ask for communication if you are going to miss a war or an event. Just drop a line to the leader or one of the officers and let them know why you can’t participate. That way you won’t be marked to be removed.

We are looking for individuals, alts, groups, or a possible mutual merger(s) with the right group of players.

The team name again is Aloners.

All levels are accepted.

All we ask is that you maintain an active status, participate in every war and event you are free to join in chat anytime you want. Above all else just learn to have fun.

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Hello Friend!! We are a Platinum team looking for active players. If you have 20 active players we could accommodate you joining us or we could join you!! Team NightsKings Name chuckopotamus. Email me directly in the game for fastest response!! We would treat you like family and let you have some officer spots to get settled in!!

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