LFM – Gold II – RoyalGuardians πŸ€—

Gold II level team which is only as you will see a month old! We climbed from Bronze to Gold II with in three weeks and this week took 1st place in the events!

Would love to find a small team in lower Gold or Silver that wants to Merge up in leagues that has mostly higher level players… 75 and up!

We have had to lose a few players from drama because we are a 100% no drama team NO EXCEPTIONS! We work smart and not hard which means a lot of cool bonuses with our team! Here are 10 reasons to merge or join us TODAY!

1- We have FUN! We are a fun team that loves to razz one another and very active!

2- We are rapidly Growing! Yesterday I made level 101 and it was my 100th day on war dragons! Many others are growing quick!

3- We have a full family (3 generations) on our team! My parents, hubby, my teens, and sister all play!!! A family that plays together stays together!

4- We have Friends in High Places! If you outgrow us we have a few friends that are officers on highly seeked teams in high leagues up we could possibly get you in with!

5- We are easy to work with! If for some reason you find you need a vacation from the team we have alts that can sit in for you temporarily (notice is needed) until you can return! And we dont farm those who simply seek more!

6- We Communicate!!! Not only are we chatty in the Team Chat but in Line as well… and quick to respond in emails too!

7- We Provide Info!!! We share exclusive information on out Team Facebook Page, Line Official Chat Page, Team Youtube Channel?, and our Official Team Website… PLUS WEEKLY NEWSLETTERS!

8- We help our members! If you are being farmed we will help or get you help with their stopping! We will squash drama once it starts and back you up in events!

9- We are charitable! Most of our current members big and small help beyond normal expectations! Smaller members gather together and push resources to larger members together cuz it adds up!

10- We support Alts! If you and your alt wants to join we dont look at your alts level rather that your high level is able to back your alt! So as long as there is room we will take more members with alts!

*We believe we could accept a total of 10-14 members ASAP! Please before you lose your chance and before tomorrow’s event begins get with me for more details!!!

Official Team Website!!!

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Hope this works for you!


It did, we love this team! Thanks!



We love you guys too!!!

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