LFM - Gold II - TheWarriors50 - Min Lvl: 35

Language: Mostly English but all are welcome!
Time Zone: Mostly US based
Age Range: Must be mature!
Elite Account?: Optional

About: TheWarriors50 are a team with heart. I say this because they have gotten to Gold II with pure determination. We are not a team of Platinum or Sapphire players starting over. We don’t have a bunch of high level, pay to play members who back us (not that we wouldn’t say no to a few :wink:). Our activity and eagerness to rise to a challenge is what makes us successful.

Need training? No problem, we can help you. As long as you are active, open-minded, and friendly, you will fit right in. Come give us a try! Feel free to send in game mail to Tirla if you have any questions! Hope to see you soon! :kissing_heart:

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