LFM - GOLD II - xAbandonxHopex - lvl 50 up

Dear gamer,

Living in your mom’s basement? Quit school at 15, or got laid off?
Can you survive solely on hotpockets and monster drinks?

xAbandonxHopex is looking for you!
Bring your inner nerd, but please keep your drama out!

Comedy aside, our guild is composed of extremely loyal people!
Our core group has stuck together through different leagues, leaders, and officers.

We have withstood all sorts of backstabbing invertebrates, compulsive liars, and virtual power hungry whores.

Our leaders and group expect you to be very active in the game, naturally curious, competitive, although relaxed and… chatty!
No pressure but please don’t disappear for days!

If you are interested please send a text to our officer Strawflower!


Language: English
Time Zone: All over the place - USA - UK - IRL - PT - NZ - AUS - And many more
Played time: 1 year +
Age Range: 18 - 100
Elite Account: Mandatory


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