LfM - Gold III - DragonsMaw - level 15+


Language: English only
Time Zone: Differs, we got people from EU, but also NA etc.
Played time: 2 - 4 months
Age Range: 16+
Elite Account?: Your own choice, we don’t require it
Dragon Roster Includes: Nollaig, Ember, Amarok
Highest Lineage Dragon:Amarok

We are a team that likes to chat with each other when we are online. Due to members going inactive we are looking for new members that could call this their new home.
We usually get to rank 6-10 in events but that is because we have a strong core to make up for the lack of more active players.
If you wish to join, participating in wars and events is mandatory.
We set our level requirement low because we want everyone to get a chance to join, it doesn’t matter if you are new or old. We are always ready to answer any questions players might have.

If you are interested in joining, sending me a PM is the fastest way.

I do check back on the forums regularly aswell, so feel free to reply in this post aswell.