LFM-Gold III-SoloHunter(created in 2015 friendly relaxed team)

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Any
Age Range: patience
Elite Account?: optional
Dragon Roster Includes: Any
Highest Lineage Dragon: Any

About: This is my team I created in 2015 and what I’ve built with the help I’ve found along the way. We don’t play hardcore but play cause we enjoy. We have a strong core of active players, but a full team would be even stronger and then grow together. Our motto is “Soloists together” because we play like soloists, but help each other as we can.

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I would dude but as you already know I’m looking for players of my own, maybe next time yeah

The grind to build a strong team is rough. Merge is best way for up and coming teams to get together and grow stronger.

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We are also looking for honest fun loving players

Can’t have 3 possible merges, message me in game and we can chat.

So sorry i havnt been back on here till today

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