LFM- GOLD III - WolvesOfOdin- 50+


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Language: ENGLISH
Time Zone: MANY
Played time: DAILY
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Optional
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:

About:WolvesOfOdin :wolf::wolf::wolf: is on the Hunt again! Gold III WITHOUT Atlas. We have 5 openings for active/very active players! We are an adult, fun, chatty group that loves to teach and help out our teammates! We have taken 1st in all events but 1! Pay to play is optional! 18+. WARS, EVENTS & LINE are MANDATORY! We have a great balance of high level to low level players! Fantastic core! Pm me here or IGN: OdinDragonWolf.


Wow we made it to the same leuge but not together This is warz for reignsofFire


:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: Hope you all do a great!!!


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