LFM – Gold III – xWinterBornx – 50+ (Non-Atlas)


Language: English
Time Zone: Team covers US, Europe, and Australia :blush:
Played time: Any
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: No restrictions
About: We are an active, fun, chatty, and and loyal group who started our own team at the beginning of the Summer Season, and there is still room (plenty of it)! We are looking for likeminded active and ambitious players to join us, who want to enjoy the game, conversation, and burn bases.

Minimum level of 50, and wars and events are mandatory, it takes the whole team to succeed!


Does your team want Atlas?


Hi LadyAethaen, as we are still in Gold we haven’t really discussed it yet.


Understandable! I’m asking because we are in platinum and are looking to replace a big chunk of our members. We value activity over level, and are happy to teach and help those that want it. I know you created your own team recently, but would you be interested in discussing the possibility of moving to our team, in essence, a merger? We have Atlas, and our core is very active, friendly, and helpful.


Thank you for the offer, but no, we aren’t looking for a merger atm. I put “non-atlas” in the recruitment title to try and catch anyone who wanted to join a team that doesn’t have it. Thank you for asking though :blush:


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