LFM – Gold IV– HellsKnights – for fun while demolishing stuff

LFM – Gold IV– HellsKnights – Level Requirement: level 10+

We’re a fairly new team that has already advanced to Gold IV. We love to play; love to win; and enjoy destroying stuff with our dragons! We’re looking for (very) active members to help us grow into Diamond.

We have room for both seasoned and novice players who like to play; war and event participation required. Besides helping every member grow into a beast-master dragon master, HellsKnights loves to chat, share information, and have fun – because we’re a family!

Would be terrific to have the expertise of seasoned players (50+) - able to reward those who demonstrate motivation, initiative, loyalty, and commitment with advancement (promotion).

Players who love having fun while demolishing bases can pm me directly: WarlordPercy.

How many are in ur team.

We have 22 members

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