LFM - Gold - Mast3rDrag0ns

Language: English, Dutch, German (most English)
Time Zone: gtm+1
Age Range: 16-30 (but are open for all ages)
Elite Account?: cool if you have but not required
Dragon Roster Includes: whatever you like to fly :smiley:
Highest Lineage Dragon: some members already have platinum dragons

About: We are a nice team, looking for new active members :slight_smile: if you can’t play for some time just communicate with us and we find a solution. We have member from Lvl 15-200… So everyone is welcome! From our 49 members only 15 are really active so if we find another team which has the same issue (maybe 10-15 active members) we would love to merge! Our leader rly likes our name so we don’t leave our team but we can discuss to give some of your officer/leader our officer status :slight_smile: if you are interested pls pm me, also if you d like to join, just pm me, I m happy to answer and see more active members in our guild!

Which subleague?

Gold 3 atm, but we jump up and down between gold 1 and gold 4 :smiley:

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