LFM - Gold - NightCircus - 70

Language: English
Time Zone: Any and all
Played time: Any and all
Age Range: 21+
Elite Account?: Preferred
Dragon Roster Includes: Dragons

About: We are a group of players who are determined to have a ton of fun while we kick some butts. A large portion of the team has played together for over a year. We do research. We make plans. We have taco parties. We have a Line chat and a Discord that are active.

War is the only thing we absolutely require, but we also don’t stand for people coasting along and not contributing. You want to have fun? Gotchu. Want to make progress? We like to help. Got questions? Ask away.

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Is your team name inspired by the book?

It is! Which I need to read because I found out about it yesterday lol.



Still looking for members. If you like very active, talkative people, tacos, burning crap down, strategy, tacos, and cat videos, we may be the team for you. Message an officer or apply in game.

Still looking for people to join the cool kid club.

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