LFM - Gold V - ClanOof - all levels - (looking for merge and new members)

Language: English
Time Zone: all
Played time: all, as long as you are active
Age Range: 15 +
Elite Account?: not a must, but is handy

ClanOof is a clan where everyone is family. We lost a lot of players and want to get back where we where. Right now we went back to Gold V, but if our team will grow again, we will be back in higher ranks. Most of all we want to have fun, but also enjoy the competive way of the game.

So are you a team that maybe is looking for a merge with another team, then please inform me.

All players are welcome as well! We have spots open, so if you lost your team, it went inactive or if you are a starter, please come and join us. We will do our best to make it all a good and wonderful place again!

Happy flying,

  • OofEmperorNero
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Hey there ! We are a team that has lost a bunch of ppl recently and are looking to add more family members . We are a fun loving family team looking to go up more in the ranks . We are usually in the top 4 in any league we have been in . So send me a message and let’s chat XxMsStarFirexX UnitedRiders


Hello :blush: doing some team rebuilding in gold 3 if either of u are interested as well… Cleaning house lately to make room for active members, and willing to talk about merging to fill our open positions! Check us out and Hit me up if u are interested! :blush:
FlagellumxDei- leader of Nequissimi

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I will send you an in game message soon :blush:

And a message for you as well! :wink:

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