LFM - Gold V - Easypezee

About Us
Language: English
Time Zone: Predominantly GMT (Wat at Midnight) but open to PST and others.
Played time: 8-18 Months
Age Range: 25-62, we’re small but diverse
Elite Account?: Preferred but ultimately, it’s your account and your progress.
Dragon Roster Includes: N/A
Highest Lineage Dragon: N/A

The blurb:

Easypezee (EasyPeasy was taken) is formed from eight people who played together in Platinum high gold for the best part of eighteen months before deciding to ahead and make our own team. We went from Bronze to Gold V in a week and have hit brick wall - eight people just aint enough to progress.

We’re looking to take on a wide range of active players across all levels.

We’re currently levels from 49-220+

Our primary concern is that all members are active; we’re looking for people to get 100k medals a week minimum and participate in all wars and events. 100k might sound like a lot, but it’s only 3 flights per day, every day… you might choose to do the majority of them at the weekend and not be online much during the week, who knows?

At the moment, we will war no more than twice a week until we fill our ranks.

Use of LINE is highly recommended and practically required unless you have a valid reason not too (we’re aware some countries cannot get access to LINE).

Mandatory Requirements

  • 100k medals a week
  • War participation
  • Event participation
  • Use LINE for communication and organisation (exceptions made where no alternative)

Beneficial but not all required - will be taught to you if this is all new

  • Use of a breeding guide
  • Already using a short base - for a whole bunch of reasons!

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