LFM Gold1REBUILDING seeking daily players minimum level 60+/-

Gold 1 (Platinum easily possible)
War/Event oriented, helpful and generous. Line app. Notifications on.
Language: English (a working communication level)
Time Zone:Worldwide
Played time: 3+ months
Age Range: ADULT (no drama)
Elite Account? YES
Seeking level: +/- 60 Need some high players (80+) to stabilize team.

CONTACT: DragonSpellZ, Rejected1988.

If you are not a daily player, success driven and do not participate in wars AND events …do not apply.

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Can we get this moved to Recruitment please?
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Level 91 here but meh, not an adult so you wouldn’t want me…

If you conduct yourself as an adult then you are welcome here. Must play daily. Thanks

Have the head of an adult, does that count?

Yes! Come on and join us.

Ehhh I might be going to help a friend recruit a few people.

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