LFM - Gold2 - 50ShadesofFire - 35+ Preferred

50ShadesofFire is recruiting. We’re a relaxed group while still striving to be competitive. We declare War daily and go for close rather than easy. We have separate chats for War Coordination and Resource Requests. Levels 35+ preferred, but lower will be considered if active or higher.

We currently have 4 spots open.

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Wong sub forum, hopefully the mods will move this for you

@moderators #recruitment

Hmmm…I wonder what happened…? I started the post under the Recruitment thread…:pensive:

Did you accidentally navigate to a different category while making the post? I’ve done that sometimes and have to navigate back to the orignal thread I was trying to comment on to make sure my post got uploaded to the proper spot.

Possibly…:my phone was giving me some issues. Think I should delete this thread and relocate it?

It’s been relocated for you :hugs:

I’m not level 35 but I’m active everyday. I want an active team the one I’m in isn’t very active. I’m level 28.

Invite sent. I will accept lower as long as you’re active.

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