LFM - Gold2 -Aloners - LVL 15 - looking to leave gold behind

The Aloners are looking to fill its ranks and push to platinum We have removed individuals from the team who don’t want to participate in wars or events and are looking replace them with active players like yourself. The same rules you see on all the great teams will apply here also; stay activity, show up and participate in wars, and events (just do your best).

We understand real life happens and the team has no issues with it; but communication is the key so just drop a line to the leader or one of the officers and let them know why you can’t participate in the war or event.

We are laid back team with a casual team chat atmosphere. We work as any normal team with xp runs, resource sharing, and general support where needed.

We are looking for individuals, alts, groups, or possible mergers with the right group of playersThe team name again is Aloners.

Level 15 minimum.

Message me here if interested.

Language: English preferred
Time Zone: Any (but most play in the US)
Played time: Must maintain an active status
Age Range: N/A
Elite Account?: Preferred Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: N/A
Highest Lineage Dragon: N/A


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