LFM Gold2 Fr0mTheAshes min lvl 75 ACTIVE REBUILDING TEAM

Language: English
Time Zone: US -5
Played time: -
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: yes

We are a rebuilt team from various platinum teams, looking to pull in dedicated team players that are looking to take a step back from Atlas for a while. We have a tight core group of players, and our leader is always available. 18+ please, quirky senses of humor and ability to take a joke a must. As usual, wars & events are mandatory.

We want people that want to progress without the pressure of Atlas, and alts are welcome - we have a handful of players with alts in the team, even freshly started ones. Team is generally in the top two in events so far and we want YOU to help us stay there!

Please feel free to message myself (Silk) or our leader (Honcho0326) in game with any questions!