LFM - Gold3 - SchizoDrags - Level 25+ Calling all Warriors

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Long enough to Understand that this is a team game
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: If not we’ll convince you!
Dragon Roster includes: Any but have to be willing to start using Red Delilah’s breeding guide.

About: SchizoDrags is a brand new team formed by 3 experienced players from a Sapphire 3 team. We went from Bronze 4 to Gold 3 in two weeks.

We’re looking for active players who want to play smart by using strategy in base building, as well as in war and events, while having fun and working as a team!

We plan to grow together as a team so that all team members can maximize personal points in weekly events.

Whether you’re newish to the game or are missing the strategy and teamwork aspect in your current team, come join out Team.

100% participation in wars and events is mandatory which isn’t a chore when you’re having fun.

Hello, I am in search of an active guild that has active members for progression. If you would consider me for recruitment I’d be greatly appreciative.

I’ve sent you an invitation.

Level and dragon breeding requirement adjusted.

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