Greetings to everyone:) I’m Lithandril and im officer at CelticsRevenge, our team is just a few weeks old and we jumped from bronze 2 to gold 4 in one week.
We got a few low lvl guys which we are helping as much as we can so they learn this game and lvl up and get strong fast.
We all are open to new ACTiVE members to get part of our great team, don’t matter what lvl. Hope someone will reply so we all get much stronger, our target is climb as high as we can and get a name. We all know this could need some time but we like to build a real team and get real brotherhood.
Ahh and I would love if I could reach to some people on higher lvl and they would join us to help us building up and getting part of this team.
Greetings from Lithabdril

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