LFM - Good II - LegacyofShadow - 60+

Language: English
Time Zone: all
Played time: None required
Age Range: none
Elite Account?: not required
Dragon Roster Includes: none required
Highest Lineage Dragon: none required


We are growing as a team and looking for active players to help us.

We are a helpful team that expects everyone to help each other. We do request ALL MEMBERS RUN ALL WARS and do your best in the events. Please maintain an Active status! If you must be inactive for as short time, just message an Officer. Lets have fun together., Grow together and kick some Ass doing it!

We use Line to communicate with each other outside of the game.

Hi! I’m level 70, but a teammate of mine is lower, however. Our team is closing and we agreed that I would help him join a team with me if I found a good one. I believe he’s lower than a lvl 60 - would you take him too?

Hi BossBeeb

Yes, we are happy to take you and your teammate as long as you are active. We do have several on the team below 60 that we help out with leveling up and strengthening their dragons!


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