LFM-- HockeyRules-- S2-- Harb+

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Age Range: 21+
Elite Account?: Unnecessary
Lowest Tier: Harbinger

We’re a goofy, competitive, team-oriented group. :dancing_women:‍♀
Most all of our members get mythics without having to spend. :money_mouth_face:We’ve had a blast with Dungeons and helping members achieve their top scores. :trophy:

If you’ve got a badass base, :sunglasses:killer roster, or a competitive spirit for PvP and atlas, :smiling_imp:and are interested in some fun, :dancer:t3::man_dancing:t4::palm_tree::tropical_drink:please feel free to message here or LINE: mej5023.
Thanks for your time! :blue_heart: