LFM- HockeyRules--S3-2--400+

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Age Range: 21+
Elite Account?: Doesn’t matter
Dragon Roster Includes: Doesn’t matter who ya got, as long as you can demolish bases with them
Highest Lineage Dragon: Vanguard tier or higher preferred

HockeyRules (S3-S2)
Looking for: PvP-driven competitors, able to hit 8th every event; 400+ ideal; team players.

We’re a chatty, goofy but driven group. We grow bases intelligently and help each other with the most efficient ways to plan for free mythics. Many of our members have been officers before which makes our team dynamic, easygoing, and fun while still pushing hard.

If you’re interested you can message here, but LINE is preferred: mej5023. Thanks for your time!