LFM-- HockeyRules--S3-- 400+

Language: English
Time Zone: Any, we like all people
Age Range: 21+
Elite Account?: We got you, boo. Unnecessary; but you do you!
Dragon Roster Includes: Something you love and can fly like no one’s business!
Level: 400+ (base needs to be solid or willing to merge/transform to make it lethal!)

HockeyRules is rebuilding!
Looking for:
–Fierce PVP competitors :smiling_imp:
–Atlas Geniuses :nerd_face::notes:(or wanting to learn)

If you’re:
:seedling:Ready to grow like a weed (or smoke some)
:butterfly:Wanting to push limits
:unicorn:Witty; you’ve got a sense of humor to die for

WE WANT YOU! :heart_eyes: Bad! :smirk:
Reach out to me! :blue_heart:
LINE: mej5023
Game: Scin

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