HotTubParty –Level required 100
Language: English
Time Zone: US and Asia/Australia
Age Range: 21+
Elite Account?: yes please
Dragon Roster Includes: Archimedes to Chunk :joy:

This is an invitation to join the HotTubParty, a long established team with strong, steady leadership. An eclectic mix of both seasoned and young guns, we fight hard and defend hard. Typical requests of both war and event participation, as well as Atlas play. While everyone is excited about getting Atlas, we’ve been playing Atlas since it was in Beta test, with excellent teachers, who can show you all the ins and outs of the game, and a strong active alliance. And while we are fiercely competitive, we are not a robot team that kicks teammates for real life situations or because a stronger player applied. All that is needed is communication. We are a team that is both committed and understanding of one another. If you think you’d enjoy being part of a strong but sensible team, one that grows “with” its players, contact any of the officers, even if we are full.

Thanks, and Take Care NorthxStar :sparkles:

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