LFM IsleOfTamers Rebuilding

Age Range: Adults

We Tamers are Rebuilding as a previous team/ merge just didn’t help the way we hoped so we’re back and flying our asses off to get stronger.
Currently have 5 Castles. We’re missing one shard (Dark) due to it being an unsafe castle for us.
We are a good group of folks, a bit laid back but we still expect the basics from our team. Wars. Atlas. Troops. Sniping. Events. Team quests. Ya’ll know the drill. Level isn’t a big deal for us as long as your willing to do the work required, but also to ask for any help should you need.
Not looking for a demanding team? Checks us out. Email in game to anyone in leadership. Thanks.


Still recruiting. Lots of players needing to be replaced. With current changes to pg plat league is a ghost town and hard to find folks willing to put in some effort.
Needing a new team? We are chill but we do work as well. Hit up leadership in game. We are currently in P4 working our way up with wars daily.