LFM -KNIGHTSofOHANA- Any lvl welcome

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Any
Age Range: 18+preferably but anyone without drama is welcome
Elite Account?: Your choice

About: Hey everyone short recruitment post. We are KNIGHTSofOHANA and we need your help. Currently in gold 2 but have some dead weight we need to drop and that means recruiting amazing people just like you. Yes I’m talking to you. We have been bouncing between gold 1 and 2 while trying to rebuild. Great core just need to get a few more. Looking for up to 10 people if there is a group out there looking for a new home.

My name format matches your team name format…

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Maybe that means your destined to join us…

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This is actually my alt account if you want more information I’m also an officer with the team and my IGN for that account is D0CT0RDEATH. The 0 are zeros btw. Messes people up sometimes lol.

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