LFM KombatKillerz S2 Atlas rank 125ish

LFM – S2 – KombatKillerz

Language: English
Time Zone: all over the place
Played time: meh
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: obviously
Dragon Roster Includes: whatever puts a smile on your face
Highest Lineage Dragon: we’re in S2, it would be wise to have a line up that matches our opponents (we won’t be backing every PvP run you’ll do)

Fun and relaxed team with mainly a focus on Atlas. Not a lot of wars, PvP we tend to finish between 10th and 15th.
Our members are currently between L250 to L500

Some members are taking a break for the season due to life happening so we have 4 spots available. Wanna make a switch with some friends or wanna come solo?

We require a daily check in and would prefer someone that likes to chat.

S2 since around 6 months and planning on staying there for a while.

Our 5TA is ranked top 15 last i checked and we’re on the good side (wanna know what that is, message me in game :wink:)

“Good side”… mmmm… don’t think so lol.

Good recruit mail though!:blush: lots of info provided. Hope it all works well!!


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