LFM--Looking for LOYAL members

Language: English is preferred but we will work with other languages :heart:
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Need to maintain an active or very a tive status
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Up to individual members, not needed to be part of team but elite acct is helpful
Dragon Roster Includes: at least 3 of your strongest dragons
Highest Lineage Dragon: As high as you can go

About: We are a fun, caring, LOYAL, and drama free team. We insist on loyalty (no quitting when times get tough, or for personal gain), and we treat each other like family. 3 Rules: Maintain active to very active status, Participate in all wars and events (if there is a good reason as to why you will miss a war or event, just message me about it and it won’t be held against you), and help each other. Chatting in TC is necesdary. We are looking for 4 active, helpful, LOYAL members. We are rebuilding due to an officer who quit to start his own team and convinced at least 20 members to go with him. He tried poaching my entire team. This is why I insist on loyalty. We are currently in Gold I working our way to platIV. If you need a team, we would love to have you. Level 75+ preferred. Lowest acceptable level is 55. If interested you can message me or look us up and join, we are on auto accept. Low actives, inactives, and repeat nonparticipants will be kicked. I’m looking forward to meeting you​:blush::heart::heart::heart:

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