LFM (Looking For Members)


Time Zone:any
Played time:any
Age Range:
Elite Account?: not necessary
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:
Team : DragonzAsylum

we are looking for active or very active members to join our team. We want members who know how to have a good time, like to play the game and have good teamwork skills. If that sounds like you, you will fit in well here.
We are a mature group of folks who like to help each other out and try hard in events. We are a powerful and well established.
we have an expansive wiki with regular announcements (plus tips, FAQ’s, a list of training bases, 9 tactical breeding guides, event guides and tips, a list of Dragon stats, and more), most of our team has millions of medals ( the highest 65 million). We have plenty of members with a very active status, and strong members to help you in XP runs.
We all participate in events, and always happy to help a fellow member. We also have a separate chat designated to supply requests so we can coordinate well and so that you can alwaysget what you need.
If you want to enjoy playing and not deal with drama, arguing, or any of that nonsense then consider joining. Or if you just like a chatty team!! If you have any questions or concerns just feel free to contact me.

best regards


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