LFM – LordsOfWar – Gold II – 30

Hi all,

Our team is recruiting. So please apply in game if you’re interested.

We are a solid team in Gold II league with forays in Gold I. Our team core of players is over 1 year old and we have active experienced leadership. We are friendly and drama free always ready to help each other grow. We aim at growing in leagues but we can’t do it without solid teammates. We don’t have YET Atlas but it is our long term goal. Meanwhile who needs Atlas when we can forge better equipment now in the main game, right? :grin:

We are looking for a few active players to join our team we are open to new players who want to grow with our team as well as for veteran players (perhaps tired of the toiling in higher leagues) willing to help our team grow:

Language: English
Time Zone: all over the world
Played time: a little bit every day as our busy lives allow
Age Range: 18+ (we have R rated banter in our team chat)
Elite Account?: preferable but not mandatory
Dragon Roster Includes: Ember
Highest Lineage Dragon: as allowed by your level

We have just a few rules:

  1. Wars and events mandatory - hit the second team prize in events
  2. Ask for help and give assistance if someone else needs it.
  3. Be nice - bullying and rudeness towards anyone in this game is not accepted
  4. Have fun and enjoy chatting with your teammates - say hi from time to time

Also be flexible about learning new stuff and be open to advice.

We use Line to communicate outside the game.

Preferable maintain a defensible base and keep your level in sync with your dragon lineage, don’t grow faster than you breed … dragons that is :grin:

So come join us we can accommodate even groups of players looking for a new team.

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