LFM — LVL 170+ —TEAM NightsAngels S3— ATLAS


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Language: Teams Speaks English
Time Zone: Any
Played time:
Age Range: Adult 18+
Elite Account?:
Dragon Roster Includes: Garnet and above
Highest Lineage Dragon: Garnet and above

About: NightsAngels is looking to add 1-3 players to the team.
We are a dedicated team who values our players to the fullest.
We are a team who never gives up and contines to grow with one another.
Wars, Events and Atlas are mandatory :hugs:
Simple Rules :ok_hand:t3:
Adult humor :rofl:
Serious War Play :facepunch:t2::muscle:t3:


Subleague please


What league?


My apologies, we are Sapphire 3 :hugs:


How many castles do you own in atlas?


A couple


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