LFM, maybe adding 1 or 2 players after event

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Well, yeah, chubby fingers this morning…:flushed:

I’m sending this invitation to join at HotTubParty, an established, Plat level team with strong, steady leadership. We fight hard and defend hard, typical rules of war and event participation, as well as Atlas play.
Everyone’s excited about getting Atlas, but we’ve been a member of Atlas since the beginning, with a strong alliance, and can teach you all the new tricks in the game.
And while we are fiercely competitive, we are not a robot team that kicks for real life situations or because a stronger player applied. All that is needed is communication. If you’re at least lvl 120 and think that you’d enjoy being a part of a strong but sensible team, committed to help one another and committed to everyone growing, let me know, or contact any of the officers.

Thanks, and Take Care NorthxStar :sparkles:

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