LFM - MysticDragunz3 - Gold - New Players Only

Language: I only speak English…but I don’t care what you speak if we can use GoogleTranslate
Time Zone: Any
Played time: New
Age Range: Allowed to drop an F-bomb at home
Elite Account?: Don’t care
Dragon Roster Includes: Don’t care
Highest Lineage Dragon: Don’t care


Looking for casual players who want to learn the game and have fun sniping in Atlas.

I fully expect the players who come here to learn will want to move on to bigger and better things eventually. That is completely fine, this game isn’t your life and it won’t be mine (any more).

Teaching players always brought me the most fun I have in game. So access to a Line group teaching the very basics all the way to the complexities of flying some of the most difficult dragons in the game comes with joining.

not looking to join other teams…offers will get you blocked
will consider merges


In all honesty I’d recommend using some other language translators that translator can be inaccurate most the time and sometimes.

Thanks. I’ll use whatever the player wants to use. Like everything else I’m indifferent as long as the player is new-ish and wants to learn.

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Awww - MD3 was my first serious team years ago. Loads of great friends (some of whom I am still playing with) and experiences made there. I’m happy it’s still active and hope you have a fabulous time with it.

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