Lfm- nequissimi -gold1

Language: English prefered
Time Zone: Any
Played time: N/A
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: A plus but not required
Dragon Roster Includes: Gold tier +
Highest Lineage Dragon: N/A

Hey guys! Looking for ACTIVE and COMPETITIVE peeps to come be a part of our kick ass family :raised_hands:… We have a few Alt spots to replace before we move to plat! We don’t have atlas at the moment, but may have it soon. We are a chatty group, and considering the nature of topics that arise in our team chats, we would prefer any interested party/ parties be over 18 :joy:
Our all adult roster of peeps are range in level from 20+ to several 100+, 200+, and 300+ players, all of which are very helpful in assisting in game knowledge, as well as growth :raised_hands: We utilize line chat for outside of game contact as well as information and notes!
If u feel u fit the bill, and wanna make us ur new home, send me a shout here or in game and we can discuss anything further :blush:
Thanks for ur time, and happy hunting! :kiss:

Have about 4 spots to replace! Between events is the best time for getting a VIP invitation to our awesome team! Don’t be shy! Come on by, check us out and and make us ur new and forever home! :raised_hands:

Looks like we are breaking into plat this next swap! Still have some places to swap for anyone looking for a kick ass place to call home :raised_hands: send me a mail in game or hit me here :grin: happy hunting y’all :raised_hands:

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