Lfm nequissimi p1 150+

Language: English preferably (communication is key)
Time Zone: Any
Played time:1-2 years +
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: not necessary
Highest Lineage Dragon: sapph+

About: 18+ all adult team… atlas focused as well as basic game. A few castles. A little more Fun, Freedom and flexibility in glory hunting without so many restrictions and control of hardcore politics, all while having solid and strong, well organized allies. Virtually a glory enthusiasts wet dream! Level ranges All the way to 500+ … looking for those with the taste of blood in their mouths… that want to succeed and kick ass WITH A TEAM/ AS a TEAM… no solo flyers here… team work makes the dream work :raised_hands:

*** We have a SEVERAL places to fill for the right players. Even down to discuss a small INCOMING merge! So u don’t have to come alone! Bring ur friends! ***

Sarcasm, memes, and adult themed shenanigans in abundance here, so those of a sensitive nature won’t find a safe space here :joy:

Team focused, competitive, family/ camaraderie aspect is here… helpful members to help u grow… war and wave tactics and organization. If ur looking for a team that can produce results as well as keep the fun of the game intact… give me a shout and we will love to have u as a part of our ever growing family!

We utilize line app for outside of game contact. Team calls for weekly planning as well as battle/ war room tactic calls… contact me in game for details… what are u waiting for?

Contact me for details or any inquiries!
Happy hunting,
-Flag :kissing_heart:

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