Lfm - nequissimi- p3

Language: English preferred
Time Zone: any
Played time: 1 yr +
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: optional
Dragon Roster Includes: n/a
Highest Lineage Dragon: sapphire+

Nequissimi is openly recruiting

18+ all adult team… atlas focused as well as basic game. A few castles. Fun, Freedom and flexibility in glory hunting without all the restrictions and control of hardcore politics, all while having solid and strong, well organized allies. Virtually a glory enthusiasts wet dream! Level ranges from 60-400+ …

We have a several places to fill for the right players. Even down to discuss a small merge. Sarcasm and adult themed shenanigans in abundance here, so those of a sensitive nature won’t find a safe space here :joy:

Team focused, competitive, family/ camaraderie aspect is here… helpful members to help u grow… war and wave tactics and organization. If ur looking for a team that can produce results as well as keep the fun of the game intact… give me a shout and we will love to have u as a part of our ever growing family!

We utilize line app for outside of game contact. Team calls for weekly planning as well as battle/ war room tactic calls… contact me in game for details

What happened? Odin join the team and then leave with all your good players? :thinking:


Nah… I’m still here :hugs: lmmfao

He left with who he brought in… :woman_shrugging:t4: … keeping the fun in the game and focusing on team growth, is more our style… rather than only being about the individual… when one achieves their personal goal, it’s great… but when we as a team ensure everyone meets the goal, we all are successful… our ideas didn’t mesh is all


That’s a good philosophy :+1:t3:

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Nice. I like that attitude. :grin:


Thank u :hugs:

Everyone big and small can contribute and team success is only measured by the willingness to help our fellow flyers. The commitment to the other 49 players in team

Camaraderie, communication, and organization…

We are really just a bunch of smart asses wanting to grow, and burn together :hugs:

In other words, no to team hopping :woozy_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Lol yeah he’s not about that at all :joy:

Still looking for a few awesome players to join our awesome family!
Got a few alts and low actives to replace, so u don’t have to come alone :hugs:

Hit me up in game if ur interested!!

Still looking for some kick ass, glory and war hungry peeps!
Small merge proposals welcome if u don’t wanna come alone :hugs:

War in waves
Open and transparency in leadership, as well as every level, every voice is valued
Atlas active and allied, freedom and flexibility in glory hunting
Family style teamwork
One on one help available to help u maximize ur game experience in strength and prizes :hugs:
Not to mention the frequent adult themed shenanigans (not for the faint of heart/ easily offended lol)

If this sounds like what u are looking for, Give me a holler in game! we’d love to have u :hugs:

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