Language:English preferred for communication purposes
Time Zone:Any
Played time:6 months- 1year+
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?:not mandatory
Dragon Roster Includes:at least 1-2 seasonal drags
Highest Lineage Dragon:plat +

Hey everyone! :blush: all adult 100% very active team looking for a few active and competitive players to come kick ass with us as we climb thru the ranks! Players as
high as 300+ :raised_hands:ā€¦ Have a few alts to swap, as well as deadweight to swap outā€¦
Currently plat 3. Atlas allied, 4 castles, 736 combined token bonus dailyā€¦
We war in waves, prefer to kill wars early, typically place top 3-5 in events. Atlas knowledge is a plus, but we will help teach u of u donā€™tā€¦ Line app is highly recommended, 100+ preferred, short well set up bases also preferredā€¦ Willingness to learn or help teach is always encouragedā€¦ No drama, no ā€œholier than thouā€ attitudesā€¦ Just slight perversion and fun as we kick ass along the way :raised_hands::raised_hands:
We are a team which depend on one anotherā€¦ A team where u are helped and treated as important as the next player, regardless of level. Just a few things we are missingā€¦ Could that be u?

If u kick ass and chew bubble gum, but u happen to be out of bubble gumā€¦ Then uā€™ll fit right in :raised_hands:

Check us out and hit me here or in game if ur interested

Happy hunting! :kissing_heart:


We are now officially plat 3 looking for some active and competitive peeps to come kick ass with us! We have several alts to replace so bring ur friends :wink: lol!

Active all adult roster with atlas :raised_hands: come check us out, and make us ur new home!


Hi Flag :wink:
Hit me up in the game sometimeā€¦glad to see you guys are still going strong


Of course! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: kicking ass and taking names as usualā€¦ Just need to get these alts swapped out and keep this train moving :sunglasses:


Bumpity bump! Still looking for some active and competitive peeps to come fly with us! 18+ Plat 3ā€¦ Atlas teamā€¦ 4 castles 738 combined token bonus daily!

We have several alts to replaceā€¦ Even willing to discuss a small merge for the right peeps! Give me a shout here or in game!


Bump again :yum: lol
Still looking to replace several alts/ low producing playersā€¦
Even willing to discuss INCOMING ONLY merge offers!!
Contact me in game for more details!

Happy hunting :wave::grin:


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