Language: English
Time Zone:Eastern
Played time:All day Everyday
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?:Of course
Dragon Roster Includes: Most seasonal dragons
Highest Lineage Dragon: Platinum

About:Have you ever wished you could be something more? How bout a part of something bigger? Ever wonder what you could be doing to achieve greatness? Act right now and you can be part of a new team hellbent on superseding the opposition! SquabKabobs (Gold IV) is now recruiting. With experience and drive we have all you need to conquer the lands you foresee in your War Dragons future! We are currently in rebuild status so we are recruiting now Levels 40 and above! Come join us and don’t be shy to apply! We are a war and event oriented group leaving no points behind to ensure our victories and league placement. Always moving forward. We are a very laid back group and don’t ask for much besides staying active and doing your parts in war/events. There’s nothing worse than having no one to talk to or back you or send rss etc. If this peaks your interest please apply or message and I will accept immediately! Also we have two officer spots available for any interested!

Would you be interested in merging with us? We just created a new feeder team for MysticDragunz. We are MysticDragunz2. If interested please message me in game. QueenFlames916

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