LFM - New Team or Merger - P3 current - please read below

Calling all avid Dragon Lords and Ladies!!!

Looking for players or a team to either start a new team or merge

Thru merger and/or recruitment, we are assembling a group of dedicated Dragon Warriors around a proven core of grinding players. We love the game, love to have fun, and are serious about winning and moving up to expand our game, knowledge, and enjoyment thru team play and cooperation.

Weekly Benchmarks and Guidelines regarding membership:

  • Individual Event goal: strive for 450 Sigil mark
  • Consistently hit 40 member Team Achievement (legendary glyph)
  • Very Active/Active status
    • Use of Team/War Chat
    • Daily log in (multiple)
  • Communication
    • Line App (Info Only)
    • War Coordination
  • Level preferred
    • 200+ w/Garnet+ drags
    • Will consider aggressive 100+ level players
    • Wants: active 300+
  • Atlas - YES we want it
  • Base Strength: short and sweet
  • At least a miniMal sense of humor
  • 18+ Fun Crazy or Chill just no drama
  • Drive to advance Individually and in Team

We are a core of 20 organized global players ranging in level from 150-250. We always meet the benchmarks above. We have grinders, spenders, and spenders who grind but most importantly we work together.

We are seeking like minded players that want to meet the same goals and progress strong together as one

I would like everything finalized by the end of the current event, contact me in game (ShawnaX) or Malrog

Strong Alone, Stronger Together: Thank you :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

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I wanted to say something about being aggressive… but I’m too tired :sweat_smile: just a pointer, you might want to include how many of you there are, in case someone wants a merger


Tired!! Wake up and come burn some bases


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