LFM - NightmareGuild - P4

  • English but we also have Dutch, Norwegian, and South African players (plus? Google Translate! )
  • Time Zone: Any
  • Played Time: Any
  • Age Range: 13+ We’re kid friendly
  • Elite Account?: Optional
  • Dragon Roster Includes: Chunk or Dodo - life isn’t complete without puking herbivores or flying drumsticks - I’m kidding! We don’t care.
  • Highest Lineage Dragon: Kinnara … Kinnara would be nice. Because she’s pretty.


Here goes - I’m a firm believer in honesty. Like, my kids asked me at 3 if Santa was real and I made my in-laws weep when I told them no, honest. So what do you get if you join?

  • No sexy times (Seriously… ever heard of Tinder?)
  • No No hit lists in Atlas (Arrrr matey! Pirates we be!)
  • No 8/8 or 10/10 (but we do a respectable job at 6/7-7/7 and 8/10 most events - we’ve got jobs and families and stuff!)
  • No unreasonable demands - but do a few of your quests and get a couple points in events so I’m not forced to send reminder mail. I hate spammy mail.
  • A fun, slightly neurotic, generally happy family of miscreants and real people who understand we have lives outside our favorite stress relieving game.
  • Occasional Disney tunes and catchy songs remade into WD themed songs in your inbox from yours truly. (You’ve been warned - I’m not right in the head…)

Sound like fun? Come give us a try! We don’t bite. The goats though? They’re a little untrustworthy…

Send an in game message to GoatessofWar to apply because I really hate talking to myself in chat and in game messages imply you might actually talk to us. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That better be a selfie


Baaaaahahaha! No.
But it IS one of my real life derpy goats. :rofl:
Here’s my selfie…


Don’t make me start singing up in here… we’ve still got a couple spots left to fill. :grin: