LFM - NightmareGuild - P4

  • English but we also have Dutch, Norwegian, and South African players and German / Russian speakers (plus? Google Translate! )
  • Time Zone: Any
  • Played Time: Any
  • Age Range: 13+ We’re kid friendly
  • Elite Account?: Optional
  • Dragon Roster Includes: Chunk or Dodo - life isn’t complete without puking herbivores or flying drumsticks - I’m kidding! We don’t care.
  • Highest Lineage Dragon: Kinnara … Kinnara would be nice. Because she’s pretty.

I’m a firm believer in honesty. So what do you get if you join?

  • No sexy times (Seriously… ever heard of Tinder?)
  • No “No hit lists” in Atlas (Arrrr matey! Pirates we be!)
  • We do a respectable job at 6/7-7/7 and 8/10 most events - we’ve got jobs and families and stuff!
  • No unreasonable demands - do a few quests, your wars, and few points in events please
  • A fun, slightly neurotic, generally happy family of miscreants and real people who understand we have lives outside our favorite game.
  • Occasional Disney tunes and catchy songs remade into WD themed songs in your inbox from yours truly. (You’ve been warned - I’m not right in the head…)

Sound like fun? Come give us a try! We don’t bite. The goats though? They’re a little untrustworthy…

Send an in game message to GoatessofWar for further questions. Apply at will.


That better be a selfie


Baaaaahahaha! No.
But it IS one of my real life derpy goats. :rofl:
Here’s my selfie…


Don’t make me start singing up in here… we’ve still got a couple spots left to fill. :grin:

Was it something I said? wanders off mumbling

Wait, what?! Oh yeah!

We’ve got 5 spots open at the moment. I’m not above opening up the team to all and sundry - We all started somewhere you know! - but I’m sharing one final plea here first.

I’m even breaking out the sad puppy dog eyes since the goats just haven’t drawn you in yet…


This is literally the only team good enough to be in a 5ta with WeLive4War.


I’m not entirely certain but I don’t think that’s how you spell crazy…


Cnio you would be a perfect fit! :rofl:

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Gee I wonder how you guessed?! Tell Tarand I see him eyeballing the goats and Axi is having none of that mess. You know she bites!

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laughs in chat

Lol I’ve seen this btw once loved it but didn’t know what I was hearing/ seeing by text.

Best recruit thread 10/10

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We have a couple open spots for some fun loving pillagers and privateers.

We even have a poster now! Because if all the cool kids do it, why not us too?

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