LFM: Open Spots (15-20) - Gold II Team

LEVIIATHANS currently has open spots for active players. We recently decided to remove all inactive players to make our team stronger. Many of our members have been playing together since the team was created. Message any officer (or me, the leader) if interested. Minimum level 45. Currently have room for 15, can be 20 if necessary.

We’d love to have you on board to help take this team to the next level! We require active participation in all wars and events. We try to have wars as frequently as possible, as we are looking to move into Gold I and eventually Plat.

Could you take me under your team. I’m only level 12 or so but slowly growing

We are really looking for members at a higher level. I spoke with my officers and if you’d like a trial run with our team, feel free to apply. However, we would like to see substantial growth if you do join

U will see it cause I been farming like crazy.

I can’t apply say I’m need to level up more.

If you want to let him, I think you need to invite him…

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Level 12 and on the forums actively talking, seems more involved than most :+1::+1:


Worth it too - Hes now level 25!


We will take you if they don’t want you first. Don’t want to be jumping anyone’s thread and poaching. Message me team name burningbreeze

Thank but they accept me and help me alot. I be with them forever now.

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I respect that and wish you and your found dragon family the best of luck

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